Welcome To The Old Dogs in Training, LLC, Newsletter

I love story-telling, which is what I do now, on a regular basis.
Healthy aging requires a healthy mind, body and heart (be kind).
These newsletters are related to my ongoing studies of :
  • Active healthy aging through mind-body awareness.
  • Safe exercise, with health challenges such as a stent.
  • Avoidance or treatment of training injuries.
  • Treatment of plantar fasciitis, aka acute morning heel pain aka nociceptive foot pain.
  • Interpreting pain, so as to apply the appropriate treatment, avoiding drugs whenever possible.
  • Kindness to animals and the Earth.
I send out newsletters intermittently, based on my experience and skills as an athlete, veterinarian, and research scientist. There's always something to deal with, especially as you get older. So prepare for it, by staying active in mind, body and spirit!

If you have a particular interest, just let me know, but my major focus is 'Active Healthy Aging.'

Wishing you well,

Kevin aka FitOldDog
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